A Mexican Crossing Lines – Investigation

A Mexican Crossing Lines – June 4, 2019 –  “Investigation”

Tonight on A Mexican Crossing Lines:

:: Scott Warren Trial continues with co-conspirator Irineo Mújica of Pueblos Sin Fronteras
:: Media Allies try spare Warren who is accused of smuggling and aiding Mujica
:: Mujica’s shelter in Sonoyta, MX known ties to Sinaloa Cartel
:: Ana Adlestien another arrested ‘volunteer’ a deeper look
:: Irineo’s taxi service on the border and shelter in Sonoyta, MX
:: Merica trafficking case out of Guatemala, check similarites
:: Juan Orlando Hernandez investigated by DEA for drug trafficking
:: Roberto Nakay Flotte AKA Pitaya Queen/OJ Pitaya Diversidad Sin Fronteras
:: DSF reports death of second trans woman in ICE custody
:: Pitaya’s partnership with Al Otro Lado and Pueblos Sin Fronteras
:: Pitaya’s stated goal for migrant movement in Mexico against the Catholic Church
:: Mutual Aid Disaster Relief organizations
:: Mala Spotted Eagle Pope dies, sexual assault allegations in the wake


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Fox News Honduras President JOH trafficking laundering:


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