A Mexican Crossing Lines – Gotta Have Faith

A Mexican Crossing Lines – July 3, 2019 – “Gotta Have Faith”

:: Border Support Network promotes Congressional visits to detention facilities
:: Delegation of members of congress led by Julian Castro
:: AOC gets heavily protected by escorts at detention event
:: Video/Images emerge from detention Facilities :: Border Patrol Chief responds to criticism
:: Al Otro Lado Nicole Ramos has Jeff Merkley on speed dial
:: Carrizo Comecrudo chief Juan B. Mancias at protest
:: Natives from Standing Rock involved in Abolish ICE and Shame CBP events
:: Local Event in HPR illustrates Native American astroturfing of Immigration Issue
:: No More Deaths Scott Warren to be retried but the conspiracy charge is dropped
:: Cabeza 9 mother shares The Nation Article about Religious Freedom
:: Religious Freedom Act used by progressives to defend Human Smuggling


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Video  Juan Mancias


HPR Article https://hpr1.com/index.php/feature/news/no-more-deaths/

Tucson Sentinel Article Retrial of Scott Warren


The Nation Article


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