A Mexican Crossing Lines – Driving Factors

A Mexican Crossing Lines – May 16, 2019 –  “Driving Factors”

Tonight on A Mexican Crossing Lines:

:: From Standing Rock to Mass Migration Activists are Drivers

:: Activists working with Media Allies and Politicians

:: Interview question of Tulsi Gabbard Venezuela Embassy

:: ANSWER Coalition at Venezuela Embassy

:: Black Alliance for Peace, Jesse Jackson and Ajamu Baraka

:: No More Deaths, Scott Warren

:: Milton Benitez Perro amarillo interview of Caravan Escort, Ulises Ortiz

:: Kei Kurimoto Lilith Sinclair and Texas Camp conditions

:: Jake Lee Harris goes to Africa; Lolly Bee poverty porn

:: YahNe Ndgo, Desiree Kane, Seven McDonald, Winnie Wong and Bernie’s campaign


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ICYMI: ToreSays | Where is Sec. Nielsen while Sen Merkley obsesses over unaccompanied minors


American Activists Accused of Kidnapping Caravan Migrant Child by Cindy Gomez-Schempp | Tore Says, February 28, 2019




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