A Mexican Crossing Lines – Con Artivists

A Mexican Crossing Lines – August 16, 2019 – “Con Artivists”

:: Refuse Fascism and Short Film Director Bret Polish

:: Bret Polish Film ft. Paloma Ruth Zuniga Delint “So Far From God”

:: Sag-AFTRA Actors and Francis Fisher, film activism/propaganda

:: Paloma for Trump visits Border Angels Embajada de Migrante Shelter

:: Border Angels artivist and Hugo Castro partner Gabriela Cortes

:: Humano films and Gaba Cortes’ influence in movies


Listen to an Audio Podcast of the Show Here: (Note, Audio Podcasts are edited recordings of FB Live videos and are not necessarily what is broadcasted on the air on the radio station)


FaceBook Live Video of this Show Before Broadcasting (Note, FB Live videos are pre-recorded and then edited properly for radio Broadcasts on the air and some never air on the radio station):



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Paloma on Sonia Arrest video


Paloma Greets Sonia Video


Harrim Uziel Hardcore Patriot Video https://www.facebook.com/LosAngelesCountyForTrump/videos/2280415658856209/

Article FBI Investigates Ivan Riebling and Evan Duke


PJ Media Article


Border Clash Video


Article KPBS Castro Hospital https://www.kpbs.org/news/2017/may/01/hugo-castro-resumes-advocating-migrants-while-reco/

Article La Opinion


Article Voice of San Diego



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