A Mexican Crossing Lines – Caravan Escorts

Tonight on A Mexican Crossing Lines – May 13, 2019 –  “Caravan Escorts”

:: MIgrants using children as shields to cross to USA

:: Migrants using children that are not their children

:: Migrant escorts like Pueblos Sin Fronteras putting kids/migrants at risk

:: Migrant escorts lie about not smuggling humans

:: Univision Report on activists/journalists/clergy DHS/CBP watchlist

:: Univision report on Agape shelter, kidnappings, and migrant escorts/coyotes

:: Univision report on Caravan Escorts: Irineo Mujica,

:: Walter Cuello, Carlos David Cuevas, Ulises Ortiz

:: Border Support Network activists in Arizona, Sonoyt and New Mexico

:: Funraizer for activists facing felony for protest at CBP museum

:: Activists include Standing Rock Water Protectors Alex Cohen, and

:: Coyote/Stunt actor/former felon Louis Moncevias,

:: Tornillo Occupation Patricia Okoumou Statue of Liberty Climber


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Univision  – Honduran woman admits she let her mother use her 2 year old to get into the USA


Video of Baby


Univision  – Who is behind the caravan


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