A Mexican Crossing Lines – Border Support Plans

A Mexican Crossing Lines – June 21, 2019 – “ Border Support Plans”

:: Trump tweets ICE will begin raids in USA

:: Aftermath of Irineo Mujica and Cristobal Sanchez release

:: Pueblos Sin Fronteras attack Alejandro Solalinde

:: Father Solalinde’s strong accusations of human trafficking by Mujica

:: Border Support Network Groups propaganda and plans


  • Minority Humanitarian Foundation and Mark Lane
  • Border Camps by Carrizo Comecrudo Juan Mancias et. al.
  • Heather Rynd and New Sanctuary Coalition
  • Detroit ICE protests
  • Comedor Contra Viento Y Marea and Ernesto Merlo Almufakir
  • Hecate Society
  • Ann Arbor Antifacists Jennifer Prozinski
  • It’s Going Down


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A Mexican Crossing Lines – June 21, 2019 – “Estrategias de Apoyo Fronterizo” -En español

:: Twiit de Trump comienzan redadas de ICE en EEUU

:: Que paso despues de salir libres Irineo Mujica y Cristobal Sanchez

:: Pueblos Sin Fronteras acusa al padre Alejandro Solalinde

:: Solalinde hace fuerte acusaciones tráfico de personas por Mujica

:: Grupos del Border Support Network (BSN) sus propaganda and planes




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Father Solalinde Interview

Ebrad Video:





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