A Mexican Crossing Lines – Birdie’s Buddy Deborah Parker

A Mexican Crossing Lines – March 15, 2019 “Birdie’s Buddy Deborah Parker”

Tonight on A Mexican Crossing Lines:

:: Bridges of Love Across Borders, with, Myron Dewey, and, Deborah Parker,
:: Government list Leaked Documents to San Diego 7,
:: Deborah Parker Myron Dewey’s wife,
:: Deborah White House Obama Administration,
: Indigenous Women Rise,
:: Our Revolution.
:: Deborah Parker, Bernie Sanders, and, the Democratic Platform


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Video Playa de Tijuana English http://www.thecwsandiego.com/story/40133173/video-dozens-of-migrants-breach-border-wall-in-san-diego

VIDEO Immigrant Band Adam


VIDEO Birdie Supplies https://www.facebook.com/bertha.gutierrez.16/videos/2446071078755814/

Article San Luis Obispo News Woman discloses abuse


Article Indianz Deborah Parker Lands Role in Democratic Platform Bernie Sanders apoint


Article Indianz Native Women oppose DAPL Bernie Parker Ladonna


VIDEO Bernie Message Trump  https://youtu.be/03CBh9lisf8

Article Indianz Bernie Sanders Indian Name



Article Indianz Prosecuting Nonindians VAWA


VIDEO Women’sMarch



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