Week of September 18th & 25th, 2019 – Flowers For She-Ra Analysis

::Episode 4: Flowers for She-Ra Analysis, Part 1!

:: Introduction to one of the show’s SIDE/BACKGROUND LGBTQ couples: Spinerella and Netossa.

::The Squad goes on a relief mission to Plumeria

:: Shadow Weaver is angry at Catra, demanding to know where Adora is/she’s gone.

::Adora feels self-conscious, decides to turn into She-Ra because people like her better.

Part 2:

::The Heart-Blossom is dying, obviously due to the Horde’s interference

::Adora doesn’t know how to heal, only to fight — now she doesn’t like herself as She-Ra either.

::Despite warnings not to engage, Adora and team attempt to infiltrate the Horde base holding the machine that is affecting the Heart-Blossom’s health.

:: Princess Perfuma sees the valiant efforts as courageous despite the circumstances, and after fighting off the Horde, accepts Glimmer’s invitation…to join the new Princess Alliance.

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Part 2:

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