Finding Me – September 2018 – Queer Fandom Discourse

Is this my emotion conveying how salty I am that people don't have media literacy but are also homophobic and misogynistic? Yes.

Takashi “Shiro” Shirogane and Keith from Voltron: Legendary Defender. Screencapture from Season 2, Episode 5: Eye of the Storm.

:: Last month I wanted to connect the need for representation to children’s targeted media and this is the path I’m gonna follow since it’s my biggest passion and I enjoyed making last month’s radio program/podcast. Let’s get into part one…

:: Let’s try to understand what queer representation looks like (Slovenia) in media

:: Next, I’m going to talk about what fandom is and when it comes to queer fandom, what we seek (our experience reflected), shipping (relationships), heterosexual ships vs queer ships, LGBTQ tropes, fanfiction and AU’s,  (frozen, harry potter will be mentioned) and what happens when you see discourse, which is something that is becoming more prominent these days in fandoms when it comes to queerness and a need for representation but we need intersectionality and an understanding of what fans are and are not entitled to. We’re gonna get academic here with nerd stuff!

:: Queer Fandom, Shipping, fanfics & AU’s, heterosexual ships and queer ships. Who knows if I’ll get to my next point.

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MediaWatch – Media Representation of Homosexuality: An Analysis of the Print Media in Slovenia

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