A Mexican Crossing Lines – Shedding Light on Rape

A Mexican Crossing Lines – November 27, 2017 “Shedding Light on Rape ”

Tonight on A Mexican Crossing Lines:

Women led discussion on Rape and an Interview with Special Guest: Summer Swan- Journalist and Activist.

Discussion about the Jordan Chariton sexual abuse charges and discussion about victims of sexual abuse.



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  1. – the Tim Black interview – As a survivor and trained advocate, I thought he was very gentle considering he probably has no training. But yeah, there should have been another woman who was trained present. Hopefully moving forward, he will think about that. I hope the backlash doesn’t stop him or HA Goodman from continuing to help elevate women’s voices.

    – I love the point you two made about WHAT COMPARISON DO YOU HAVE? from a television show? written by a man? in that hollywood environment?

    – Could you do an episode about Julian Assange? I’d like to know what information you have. I never know who to trust when it comes to him.

    – Summer – I also have to write everything down! I chalk it up to my PTSD. Forgetting is survival when you’re a survivor.

    – I get the same somatic response when I’m triggered Cindy. SAME. My body reacts heavily. Meditation and prayer helps a lot.

    – I’d like to hear Tim and HA talk about what surprised them and what they’re learning.

    – “I need nice guys to start being rude” – Summer. YESSSSSSSSS!

    – I’m really curious about Chelsea’s history. I really want to know more about these perpetrators. Please open this can of worms!

    Words cannot express how much I love your show Cindy.


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