A Mexican Crossing Lines – Paloma For Fraud

:: Allegations against Paloma Zuniga Delint AKA Paloma for Trump Including:

:: Friend and associate of Sonia Diaz Vargas of Pueblos Sin Fronteras

:: Trump supporters are Paloma For Trump’s only targets

:: Legal problems in the USA and in Mexico for squatting, harassment, revenge porn

:: Paloma’s address in CA is a private PO Box violating voter fraud laws

:: Asks not to be associated with Nazis, then associates with Nazis

:: Parties with Good Friend and Anti-Trump Celebrety Cory Feldman

A Mexican Crossing Lines – Antifa Antics

:: Mercenary Activism: What we learned from Standing Rock ft. Bill Running Fisher

:: Evan Duke propaganda ahead of Portland, OR Protest/Patriot-Antifa confrontation

:: Both Sides are extremists setting up regular Americans to get arrested/hurt

:: Standing Rock Water protector Tawasi in Portland to agitate

:: Arun Gupta of Close the Camps is reporter, activist, fundraiser, and more

:: Black and shirtless: Jamal Oscarx et. al. present as Antifa Leadership in Portland

:: Ashley Adams and her band of Patriots from Portland

:: Evan Kirk Duke III friends teams up with Jamal Oscarx to “Knock it out” 

:: Kiara Horsley aka Lilith Sinclair joins in as a street medic in Portland  

:: Rep. Deb Haaland weighs in on Antifa in Portland ‘protecting’ the city

:: Jo Biggs tweets then removes threat to Portland Mayor cc’ing Cassandra Fairbanks

A Mexican Crossing Lines – Con Artivists

:: Refuse Fascism and Short Film Director Bret Polish

:: Bret Polish Film ft. Paloma Ruth Zuniga Delint “So Far From God”

:: Sag-AFTRA Actors and Francis Fisher, film activism/propaganda 

:: Paloma for Trump visits Border Angels Embajada de Migrante Shelter

:: Border Angels artivist and Hugo Castro partner Gabriela Cortes

:: Humano films and Gaba Cortes’ influence in movies

A Mexican Crossing Lines – Giving Up on Asylum

:: Immigrants awaiting asylum in Mexico are going back home

:: Agape shelter pastor Albert Rivera reports many immigrants lack good claims

:: Immigrants return to get evidence for asylum claims but may not return

:: Immigrants are sending their kids back home for schooling due to wait

:: Immigrants are abandoning their children leaving them with strangers to return home

:: Immigrants are giving up on their American Dream because of terrorist violence in USA

A Mexican Crossing Lines – Border Convergence

:: Mass Shootings in El Paso, TX, Dayton, OH, Chicago, IL

:: Mass Shooters called extremists, terrorists, white supremacists or antifa

:: Mexico plans to sue USA for terrorist attack on Mexicans

:: Hate and Fear used to drive rallies and events around the country

:: Defense of Patriots and Antifas across America instead of….

:: Pitting Antifa vs. Nazis 

:: Roles of Propaganda of Latino USA, Refuse Fascism, FWD.us, No More Concentration Camps