A Mexican Crossing Lines – New Age Cons

Tonight on A Mexican Crossing Lines:
:: Winona LaDuke Lawsuit
:: Fake Shaman accused of molesting native boys
:: Honor the Earth accused of tax violations, hostile work environment, more
:: Winona’s father Sun Bear accused of selling ceremony
:: Honor the Earth project Braveheart Society with Faith Spotted Eagle
:: Braveheart Society member Melaine Stoneman framed Kathleen Bennett
:: Melaine Stoneman took custody of Kathleen’s mom Mary Trujillo and left her in a hospital to die
:: Melaine and Christina Hollenback filed false police reports left Kathleen facing 15 years
:: Christina Hollenback worked with the Water Protector Legal Collective
:: Christina Hollenback is part of NEXUS the org that partially funded The Young Turks
:: Winona also backs Doug McLean and his pretend indian friend Jim Petruzzi
:: Petruzzi is a fake shaman and his Sanctuary of the Earth Mother organization

A Mexican Crossing Lines – Standing Rock to Climate Change Caravan

Tonight on A Mexican Crossing Lines:
:: Border Support Network leadership since Standing Rock
:: Evan K Duke III BSN founder smearing 88.1 FM reporting
:: Pseudo Activist Vanessa Dundon at Antioch college interview
:: Behind Dundon and MMIW page is influencer Jay Ponti
:: Behind DAPL page Jim Peruzzi and Doug McLean
:: Behind Indigenous Life Movement is Doug McLean
:: Mark Lane producer for The Young Turks and San Diego interview
:: Mark Lane San Diego Rapid Response Network
:: Tohono O’odham and the Border Support Network, Michelle Cook
:: Natives from Standing Rock protest Myron Dewey and Michelle Cook involved in border battles

A Mexican Crossing Lines – Driving Factors

Tonight on A Mexican Crossing Lines:
:: From Standing Rock to Mass Migration Activists are Drivers
:: Activists working with Media Allies and Politicians
:: Interview question of Tulsi Gabbard Venezuela Embassy
:: ANSWER Coalition at Venezuela Embassy
:: Black Alliance for Peace, Jesse Jackson and Ajamu Baraka
:: No More Deaths, Scott Warren
:: Milton Benitez Perro amarillo interview of Caravan Escort, Ulises Ortiz
:: Kei Kurimoto Lilith Sinclair and Texas Camp conditions
:: Jake Lee Harris goes to Africa; Lolly Bee poverty porn
:: YahNe Ndgo, Desiree Kane, Seven McDonald, Winnie Wong and Bernie’s campaign