A Voltron Animation fan project

The People’s Press Project (PPP) seeks to level the playing field for all community members giving them greater access to media, information, education, and creating a local culture of media awareness. Through our work, The PPP will endow people with an understanding of communication rights that will empower media literate communities who are not just savvy consumers of media but producers of media as well. This fan project will show that animation can work as a medium to give voices to those unable to get their foot in the door of the animation industry during a time where diverse voices in the creative markets are reduced and control of media is put into too few and powerful hands. During this uncertain time, your voice is now just as important as ever.

Legendary DeFANder Fundraiser

Goal: $6,000


Calling All Fans of Voltron Legendary Defender!

I think we have all been thinking for the past year or so that it would be amazing if there was some alternate ending – some sort of re-do to season 8 where the team was not ripped apart, but rather were brought together, their found family bond facilitating healing and growth as they settle into life outside of a war.