A Mexican Crossing Lines – Dirty Tactics by Caravan Activists

Tonight on A Mexican Crossing Lines:
:: No Mexican representation by Tornillo Occupation
:: Border Support Network Texas Camps
:: Texas Camps surveil Customs Border Patrol
:: BSN Activists claim to ‘document’ DHS/CBP abuses
:: BSN features Mark Lane’s Minority Humanitarian Foundation
:: BSN shares Mark Lane’s employer The Young Turks
:: Anarchist Jules Kramer works in Tijuana Caritas Shelter
:: Lolly Bee BSN posts about Families Belong Together and Paola Mendoza
:: BSN posts Medea Benjamin and Code Pink at Venezuela Embassy Protest
:: Paola Graciela Kahn Code Pink activist
:: Danny Glover signs petition for bill to stop Venezuela intervention
:: Sen. Jeff Merkley of Oregon sponsors bill on Danny Glover petition