A Mexican Crossing Lines – Caravan Escorts

Tonight on A Mexican Crossing Lines –
:: MIgrants using children as shields to cross to USA
:: Migrants using children that are not their children
:: Migrant escorts like Pueblos Sin Fronteras putting kids/migrants at risk
:: Migrant escorts lie about not smuggling humans
:: Univision Report on activists/journalists/clergy DHS/CBP watchlist
Plus More….

A Mexican Crossing Lines – Border Breach

Tonight on A Mexican Crossing Lines:
:: Mexican Andy films illegal border crossing,
:: Surge sparked in illegal border crossings,
:: ICE releasing 1000 people per day due to lack of space,
:: Secret Government Database and Hugo Castro,
:: Pueblos Sin Fronteras,
:: Al Otro Lado, Nicole Ramos, Nora Phillips,
:: Sen Jeff Merkley visits Pastor Rivera’s Agape Mission in Tijuana,
:: Border Support Network, activist, Sophia Maria DeLoretto Chudy

A Mexican Crossing Lines – Sin Fronteras List

:: Gavin Newsom, has a very different Story than DC, :: Pueblos Sin Fronteras, accused by SEGOB of human smuggling/trafficking,
:: Nicole Ramos, and Al Otro Lado,
:: San Diego 7 News Article ft. Activists, Journalists, Lawyers on Govt. watchlist,
:: Kaji Dousa, Nicole Ramos, Jaime Scepkowski, Kitra Cahana, Rob Wilson, Evan Duke, Lilith Sinclair, Nate Dennison, Alex Mensing,