A Mexican Crossing Lines – New Age Cons

Tonight on A Mexican Crossing Lines:
:: Winona LaDuke Lawsuit
:: Fake Shaman accused of molesting native boys
:: Honor the Earth accused of tax violations, hostile work environment, more
:: Winona’s father Sun Bear accused of selling ceremony
:: Honor the Earth project Braveheart Society with Faith Spotted Eagle
:: Braveheart Society member Melaine Stoneman framed Kathleen Bennett
:: Melaine Stoneman took custody of Kathleen’s mom Mary Trujillo and left her in a hospital to die
:: Melaine and Christina Hollenback filed false police reports left Kathleen facing 15 years
:: Christina Hollenback worked with the Water Protector Legal Collective
:: Christina Hollenback is part of NEXUS the org that partially funded The Young Turks
:: Winona also backs Doug McLean and his pretend indian friend Jim Petruzzi
:: Petruzzi is a fake shaman and his Sanctuary of the Earth Mother organization

A Mexican Crossing Lines – Scandalous Accusations

Tonight on A Mexican Crossing Lines:
:: The Indian Problem and Desiree Kane call out Winona LaDuke and Honor the Earth
:: Honor the Earth, Tara Houska, Freshet, the Water Protector Legal Collective
:: Lawsuit against Winona LaDuke for sexual harassment coverup
:: Accusations against Honor the Earth of mishandling of funds, deception and astroturfing Indigenous led movements with white leadership