A Mexican Crossing Lines – Open Border Supporters

: River pays Paula Graciela Kahn activist associated with Code Pink, :: Ariel Gold gets deported from Israel :: Josue Reynaldo Reyes aka Clinton Reyes
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:: Carrizo Comecrudo Tribe, Brendon Tucker
:: Ramon Reyes, aka DJ Grizz
:: Arquelle Bloss and Evan Duke III
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A Mexican Crossing Lines – New Shelter for Caravan

A Mexican Crossing Lines – January 9, 2019 “New Shelter for Caravan”
En español – A Mexican Crossing Lines – January 10, 2019 “Nuevo Albergue para Caravana Migrante”

Tonight on A Mexican Crossing Lines:

:: Joshua Nichols, River Dougherty and Lilith Sinclair
:: Evan Duke III, and Yvette Felarca
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:: Myron Dewey and Homeland Security
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