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A Mexican Crossing Lines – Bad Actors

Mexican Crossing Lines – April 17, 2017 “Bad Actors”

Cindy Gomez-Schempp exposes more witness statements being used to keep Kathleen Bennett in jail for false accusations of elder abuse and exploitation of a vulnerable adult.

Witness statements are unofficial, undocumented and being used as fake evidence. Yet Kathleen Bennett is still in jail in Morton County ND facing 15 years in prision.

Mexican Crossing Lines – False Mesiah

Mexican Crossing Lines – March 30, 2017 “False Mesiah”

Host Cindy Gomez-Schempp explores the credibility of witnesses that are involved in the arrest of Kathleen Bennett. Bennett is falsely accused of Elder abuse and has been in the Morton County Jail since early January.

In this episode original witness statements are explored and questioned for their authenticity and factualness. Mesiah Sweetgrass’s statements to the police are exposed and discussed in this program.