KPPP-LP FM is on The Air!

KPPP-LP 88.1 Fargo-Moorhead is on the Air in Fargo-Moorhead.

The main goal of KPPP-LP FM is to engage  people of Color, disenfranchised communities, and others in the creation of a non-commercial, community-owned low-power FM (LPFM) radio station that will serve the Fargo-Moorhead community.

A Mexican Crossing Lines – Wiyaka Eagleman – AKA Wambli Wicasa

Tonight on A Mexican Crossing Lines:
:: Wiyaka Eagleman ties to Standing Rock
:: Wiyaka AKA Wambli Wicasa ties to Errol Medicine and,
:: Ties to Somi’ Sek Village Base Camp and Juan B. Mancias
:: Ties to Vanessa Dundon and Butterflies without Borders and,
:: Ties to Myron Dewey of Digital Smoke Signals
:: Birdie Gutierrez Bridges of Love Across Borders
:: LGBTQ Caravan and Pitaya Queeen, Anakay Flotte, OJ Pitaya
:: Ties to Mark Lane and Humanitarian Foundation

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A Mexican Crossing Lines – Al Otro Lado Lawyers in TJ report by Oscar Ramirez

:: Al Otro Lado worker tells Mexican reporter not to film
:: Al Otro Lado worker denies fraud marriages; ‘not doing that anymore’
:: Fake Marriage Docs and Complaint:: Update on kidnapping of 3 children Jennifer, Rossi, and Jan Carlos from Agape
::Oscar Ramirez was censored for posting personal info on Sebastian Nicolas Esteban:: Arrest warrant out for Sebastian Nicolas Esteban for kidnapping

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A Mexican Crossing Lines – “Sophia Marie”

:: Sophia Marie, is Rep. Barragan’s aide,
:: Sophia Marie works with Al Otro Lado’s Border Rights Project
:: Sohpia Marie part of Asylum Seekers Relief Fund (ASRF),
:: ASRF and Al Otro Lado have engaged in marriages of migrants
:: ASRF helps fund San Diego Rapid Response Network (SDRRN):: SDRRN Gofundme shared by ASRF sponsored by Jewish Family Services:: Border Support Network (BSN)Activists, including Sophia accused of exploiting caravan;
:: Activists from BSN accused of kidnapping migrant child:: Al Otro Lado accused of false documents for fraud asylum claims and more

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A Mexican Crossing Lines – Sam Slovick Caravan Connections

Tonight on A Mexican Crossing Lines:
:: Sam Slovick Actor, Activist, Filmmaker,
:: Josue Ronaldo Reyes, aka Reyes Clinton- Caravan Companion,
:: Steve Gute Confluence Documentary,
:: Democratic Socialists of America support Slovick,:: Voces Sin Fronteras promotes Slovick,
:: Carlos Marroquin Bernie Brigade,
:: Sam Slovick and Carlos Marroquin connections to Bernie Sanders,
:: and, Standing Rock Connections, including, Veterans Stand for Standing Rock

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A Mexican Crossing Lines – Border Breach

Tonight on A Mexican Crossing Lines:
:: Mexican Andy films illegal border crossing,
:: Surge sparked in illegal border crossings,
:: ICE releasing 1000 people per day due to lack of space,
:: Secret Government Database and Hugo Castro,
:: Pueblos Sin Fronteras,
:: Al Otro Lado, Nicole Ramos, Nora Phillips,
:: Sen Jeff Merkley visits Pastor Rivera’s Agape Mission in Tijuana,
:: Border Support Network, activist, Sophia Maria DeLoretto Chudy

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A Mexican Crossing Lines – Bad Actors – Caravan Support Network

Tonight on A Mexican Crossing Lines:
:: Bridges Across Borders connection to Minority Humanitarian Foundation
:: Birdie Gutierrez and Estefania Rebellon
:: Democracy Now interview with Nicole Ramos:: Intercept questions legitimacy of government investigation
:: Caravan Support Network bad actors Evan K Duke III,Myron Dewey,Kiara Horsley aka Lilith Sinclair,Laura Christina L. Berger aka Lolly Bee,Jaime Skepskowski,River Dougherty,Rob Wilson

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Finding Me – What Made YOU Queer?

::  What is Queerness caused by?
:: Queer Genes?
:: Metrosexuality/Compulsive Heterosexuality/Invalidation & Gatekeeping – Let people be who they are or are going to be!
:: You either are in touch with yourself emotionally and straight you’re whole life or realize you’re queer and either way nothing is wrong with you.
:: What made ME queer? How about you?

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Join us this week as we discuss romantic attraction and sexual attraction. Listen at 88.1 FM or online at 5pm. Links LGBT Center UNC-Chapel-Hill... read more

#FindingMe: Anti-LGBTQ Legislation Watch Part 1

Join us for coverage of anti-LGBTQ+ legislation in 2017 during the month of January and as it rears its ugly head. Tonight we will be talking about potential bills we will see this year and what you can do to stand up against oppression. Listen at 88.1FM or online. Links ACLU Anti-LGBT Legislation Watch: Contact your legislator: or Sign up for Darcy’s action alerts at... read more

#FindingMe: Happy Queer Year

Tonight we are celebrating the end of #2016 and looking forward to #2017. Tune in for some great laughs as we ring in the New Year! Listen on 88.1FM or online. Links The 2016 Song (a la Hamilton) by Tessa Netting:... read more

#FindingMe: Queer Arts – Part 3 – Queer Performers

Visibility in the media is important to LBGTQ+ people both in and out of the closet. Join us tonight as we talk about queer performers and talk to special guest Harmony Diamond. Tune into 88.1FM or join us online at 5pm. Please consider helping us keep Finding Me on the air with a one-time or recurring donation or by becoming an underwriter. Links: Ellen being presented with the Presidential Medal of Freedom: Special guest, Harmony Diamond: For crisis resources: ... read more

#FindingMe: Queer Arts – Part 2 – Queer Vocal Artists

You’ve heard of “gay anthems” but do you know the voices behind the queer music scene? Join us tonight on Finding Me as we explore queer music! Tune into 88.1 FM or listen online! Links Our favorite Queer celebrities: Learn more about Ty Nic’s music:... read more

#FindingMe: Queer Arts Part 1 – Fargo Moorhead Gay Men’s Chorus

In 2013, a group of gay men meeting for coffee discussed how much they missed having a group to sing with. And from these casual discussions, the Fargo Moorhead Gay Men’s Chorus was born. Darcy had the opportunity to attend a rehearsal for their upcoming concert and sit down with a group of their members to talk about the history of the Chorus, their upcoming concert, and exciting new developments for the group. Tune in at 5pm on 88.1FM or online. Links Fargo Moorhead Gay Men’s Chorus: Purchase tickets:... read more

#FindingMe: Trans Voices Part 4 – Being An Ally

One of the most important ways to help the transgender community is being an ally. However, allyship can be confusing and hard. Tune in tonight at 5pm on 88.1FM or online to learn more about being an ally. Links 5 Tips for Being An Ally – Trans issues: Darcy’s tips on being there for your loved one in transition: Listen to the Archive Show... read more

Adding Local Color to Your Airwaves - KPPP-LP FM 88.1

The People’s Press project has branded its LPFM radio station as KPPP-LP and will broadcast at 88.1 on the local FM dial.  Facilities for the station have been established in the community – potentially reaching an audience within a 2-5 miles radius of the broadcasting facility. This coverage will reach over 165,000+ people each day, but with additional live streaming capabilities KPPP-LP 88.1 Fargo-Moorhead will reach much further through the internet.