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Communities of color, particularly in the Fargo-Moorhead area, often do not see themselves reflected with authenticity in traditional media—whether as consumers, owners or operators. The People’s Press Project will lead the Fargo-Moorhead area in the design and implementation of a grassroots, community-owned FM radio station. Relationship building and facilitated media justice training workshops will give undeserved individuals the tools of the trade.

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This project will focus on creating programming and will engage the community in understanding communication rights. This work will teach multi-media skills to traditionally disenfranchised communities (immigrants, new Americans, communities of color, LGBTQ, people with disabilities, youth, blue collar and working poor, rural communities, single parent households, homeless, elderly, etc.), as well as students, nonprofits, small businesses, artists, and new journalists. Having a radio station combined with the training program will put community members in the driver’s seat of their own media production and ownership.


Soon to be Fargo-Moorhead’s newest, non-commercial, community owned non-profit Low Powered FM. Contact us and get involved on the air.  We will be broadcasting live and taped programs on Internet radio through  In the near future we will be on the terrestrial airwaves in Fargo-Moorhead at 88.1 on the FM dial. If you have a comment, suggestion or feedback about our programming and station, call our message line at 701-566-0917. You can also send an email to either or        

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KPPP-LP FM Trainings, Meetings and Info. Sessions

We are and will be holding community meetings to discuss your involvement in the building of Fargo-Moorhead’s newest community owned, non-commercial, non-profit Low Power FM radio station. Stay tuned to this webpage to find out more.   In July we held a community meeting at the Fargo Library.  Here is the promo video for this meeting that explains our Mission of the station and the opportunity for the community to become involved in KPPP-LP FM.    

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KPPP-LP FM is a project of The People’s Press Project.  All Donations are Tax-Deductable. The People’s Press Project, a Moorhead based Media Justice nonprofit that was granted its tax-exempt status by the IRS on May 5, 2012. The PPP supports the development and advancement of KPPP-LP FM.  We are asking for on-line donations to support the further development of community based and Independent in the Red River Valley. To support this work, we ask that you consider making a tax deductible donation online: Click Here to make a Donation! The site accepts PayPal as well as major credit cards. If you are more comfortable mailing a check, you can make the check payable to the People’s Press Project with in the memo and mail it to: The People’s Press Project, 1517 4th Ave. S. Moorhead, MN 56560. All donations made will be sent a tax deductible receipt and email updates of the progress of the project. Thank you for your support of Independent, Community Based News.

Listen to our Taped and Archived Programs

A Mexican Crossing Lines – Preliminary Hearing For Kathleen Bennett

A Mexican Crossing Lines – Preliminary Hearing For Kathleen Bennett

On June 5th, 2017 there was a preliminary hearing in the case against Kathleen Bennett for the charges of Exploitation of a Vulnerable Adult. This is one of the two false charges against this Water Protector who has been imprisoned in Morton County ND since early January.

A Mexican Crossing Lines – More “Bad Medicine” Continued

A Mexican Crossing Lines – 5-9-17 More “Bad Medicine” Continued

Tonight’s show exposes even more accomplices that have made false statements that led to the incarceration of Kathleen Bennett for false charges of elder abuse at the #NoDAPL Water Protector camps. Kathleen Bennett is facing 15 years and is in jail in Morton County, ND.

A Mexican Crossing Lines – More Bad Medicine

A Mexican Crossing Lines – May 8, 2017 “Bad Medicine”

Tonight’s show exposes even more accomplices that have made false statements that led to the incarceration of Kathleen Bennett for false charges of elder abuse at the #NoDAPL Water Protector camps. Kathleen Bennett is facing 15 years and is in jail in Morton County, ND.

This show focuses on camp members and several leaders of the Medic Team that falsified information and made false statements against Kathleen in mid December of 2016.

A Mexican Crossing Lines – Bad Actors

Mexican Crossing Lines – April 17, 2017 “Bad Actors”

Cindy Gomez-Schempp exposes more witness statements being used to keep Kathleen Bennett in jail for false accusations of elder abuse and exploitation of a vulnerable adult.

Witness statements are unofficial, undocumented and being used as fake evidence. Yet Kathleen Bennett is still in jail in Morton County ND facing 15 years in prision.

Mexican Crossing Lines – False Mesiah

Mexican Crossing Lines – March 30, 2017 “False Mesiah”

Host Cindy Gomez-Schempp explores the credibility of witnesses that are involved in the arrest of Kathleen Bennett. Bennett is falsely accused of Elder abuse and has been in the Morton County Jail since early January.

In this episode original witness statements are explored and questioned for their authenticity and factualness. Mesiah Sweetgrass’s statements to the police are exposed and discussed in this program.

A Mexican Crossing Lines – Melanie Exposed

A Mexican Crossing Lines – March 12, 2017 “Melanie Exposed ”

One of the greatest injustices still occurring at Standing Rock

This show provides proof of Melaine Stoneman’s theft, lies and deceit. Listen to Live interviews with Mary’s son, Michael Trujillo, his wife Beth, and Russell Vazquez (Kathleen Bennett’s son, Mary’s grandson, and nephew of Kathleen’s brothers) whom await to be reunited.

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A Mexican Crossing Lines – Walking Dead: Nightmare at Standing Rock

A Mexican Crossing Lines recapps and replays the video of Kathleen Bennett’s reunion with her mother Mary Trujillo after 8 month in jail in Morton County, ND.

Also, some deep analysis of the movie “Awake” and Myron Dewey’s past present and current actions that make him suspect. Many people featured in the movie are connected to the framing and cover-up of Kathleen Bennett.  Myron Dewey has been at the helm of miss-direction and continues to hide the truth.

A Mexican Crossing Lines – Which Hunt

In this episode of A Mexican Crossing Lines, Ed Higgins makes threats to Sue Missy Waddell and 88.1 radio for speaking truths on Face Book Live streams. Listen to the Higgins rants and threats to 88.1 and encouragement to contact the Water Protector Legal Collective for a Class Action Law Suit.  Also Myron Dewey chimes in with his lack of knowledge about character “deformation” and on-line bullying.  Plus more!

A Mexican Crossing Lines – She Who Will Not Be Named

A Mexican Crossing Lines exposes the Live Streamers who not only will not say anything about Kathleen Bennett, but also broadcast propaganda about the coverage of Kathleen’s case without saying the name of Cindy Azucena Gomez-Schempp.  Video montage covering streams from Myron Dewey, Ernesto Burbank, Didi Banerji, Ed Higgins, Waniya Locke and other information about the cover-up of the Kathleen Bennett case.  Also words of wisdom from Samantha Magdaleno and much more.

A Mexican Crossing Lines – Water Falls

In this three hour plus show, A Mexican Crossing Lines exposes the misrepresentation of the Kathleen Bennett case by statements made by a representative of the Water Protector Legal Collective and Myron Dewey of Digital Smoke Signals.  Plus other #FakeNews attacks reporting on Kathleen Bennett. And a discussion on conversations between Wes Clark Jr.  and  Mike Wood Jr. and a rant by Ed Higgins.