A Mexican Crossing Lines – Fake News and Caravan Watch

Tonight on A Mexican Crossing Lines: Updates and discussion on:

:: Jussie Smollett, Faked a Hate Crime,
:: Indigenous Peoples March, supported Jussie Smollett,
:: Indigenous People’s Movement leaders Defend Nathan Phillips,
:: John Gonzales defends Staged Crimes Nathan Phillips and Marcus Mitchell,
:: Ladonna Allard, Phillis Young, Evan K Duke III Texas Camp,
:: BAMN March in Border Support Network,
:: Antifa attack at Ilhan Omar protest,
:: Caravan Watch

A Mexican Crossing Lines – Caravan Respite Rescue and Rejection

Tonight on A Mexican Crossing Lines we discuss the most current news about the Migrant Caravan and the exploiters/activists from the US that are manipulating and exploiting Central Americans:

Covered in this show:
:: Arrests in Piedras Negras, MS-13 riots,
:: Lakota Law, Chase Iron Eyes, Nathan Phillips, and, Raymond Kingfisher
:: Butterfly Sanctuary Loses Battle,
:: Mission Texas Protests, Patricia Okoumou, and Louis Moncevias,
:: Juan P. Mancias,
:: Alfonso Guerrero Ulloa, Pueblo Sin Fronteras, Irineo Mujica,
:: Mexico City Arrests

A Mexican Crossing Lines – Interview: Oscar ‘El Blue’ Ramirez

Tonight on A Mexican Crossing Lines we hosted an interview with Tijuana Reporter Oscar ‘El Blue’ Ramirez” and he gave us details about what is really going on with the Migrant Caravan in Mexico.

Details and discussion on:
:: Caravans in Tijuana,
:: Trafficking, Drugs,
:: The arrest of David Lopez,
:: Caravan in Coahuila,
:: Oscar’s trip to Chiapas 
Plus more……..