A Mexican Crossing Lines – Freaked the #uc% Out – Part 1

:: Flint Promise Camp, Wolves Den
:: Vets Stand for Standing Rock, Sedef Buyukataman
:: Nexus, Christina Hollenback and Menape
:: TYT Cenk Uygur, Jordan Chariton, Ana Kasparian
:: Wes Clark Sr., Kaya Alep Buyukataman,

Wesley Clark Jr. interview from June 16, 2017. (Part 1)
A Mexican Crossing Lines interviews Wesley Clark Jr. in June of 2017 and he reveals the inter connections of corruption and deceit at Standing Rock.

A Mexican Crossing Lines – Glitterati

Tonight on A Mexican Crossing Lines: Glitterati, Jet Set In-crowd, upper crust, cream of the crop

:: Seven McDonald and Ashley Parker 
:: Nora Maccoby
:: Gwendolyn Cates
:: Christina Hollenback
:: Francis Fisher
:: Myron Dewey
:: Sean Aaron Turgeon
:: Christina Hollenback
:: Linda Sarsour
:: Wesley Clark Jr.
And Many More……

A Mexican Crossing Lines – Hollywood

In “Hollywood”, Cindy Gomez-Schempp, A Mexican Crossing Lines, presents more evidence against clandestine ‘players’ involved with ‘the movement’ at Standing Rock. 

Veterans Stand, Wes Clark, Jr, TYT/The Young Turks, ‘spiritual leaders’, prominent political figures, foreigners and domestics, ‘fake Indians’, and other “actors’ are exposed in “Hollywood”.