A Mexican Crossing Lines – Antifa Defenders

:: KUTV report with Cherri Foytlin of Indigenous Environmental Network shared

:: Evan Duke sharing Salt Lake City, UT Chamber of Commerce protest

:: Andy Ngo journalist attacked by antifa and left media defends

:: Oscar el Blue Ramirez reports on Antifa activists volunteering with Al Otro Lado

:: Mitchell Verter aka El Chavo del 8 gets arrested

:: Mitchell Verter’s history with Antifa, philosophy, Activist Apps and 

:: Evan Duke promoting violent clashes with Portland Antifa activists

A Mexican Crossing Lines – Border Riots

:: Veronica Escobar staff coaching migrants in Mexico

:: Members of Congress working against USA immigration policy

:: Suchiate River patrolled by Mexican National Guard and arrests of migrants

:: Cameroonian migrants riot at El Chaparral in Tijuana, MX feat. River Dougherty

:: Border Support Network posts by Lolly Bee aka Laura Christina Livingston Berger

:: CherriFoytlin video in BSN depicting riots in Salt Lake City, UT including

:: Attacks on police, comparisons to the Klan, assault on media 

A Mexican Crossing Lines – Gotta Have Faith

:: Border Support Network promotes Congressional visits to detention facilities
:: Delegation of members of congress led by Julian Castro
:: AOC gets heavily protected by escorts at detention event
:: Video/Images emerge from detention Facilities :: Border Patrol Chief responds to criticism
:: Al Otro Lado Nicole Ramos has Jeff Merkley on speed dial
:: Carrizo Comecrudo chief Juan B. Mancias at protest
:: Natives from Standing Rock involved in Abolish ICE and Shame CBP events
:: Local Event in HPR illustrates Native American astroturfing of Immigration Issue
:: No More Deaths Scott Warren to be retried but the conspiracy charge is dropped
:: Cabeza 9 mother shares The Nation Article about Religious Freedom
:: Religious Freedom Act used by progressives to defend Human Smuggling