A Mexican Crossing Lines – New Shelter for Caravan

A Mexican Crossing Lines – January 9, 2019 “New Shelter for Caravan”
En español – A Mexican Crossing Lines – January 10, 2019 “Nuevo Albergue para Caravana Migrante”

Tonight on A Mexican Crossing Lines:

:: Joshua Nichols, River Dougherty and Lilith Sinclair
:: Evan Duke III, and Yvette Felarca
:: Occupy Inauguration Occupy ICE, Antifa, BAMN
:: Myron Dewey and Homeland Security
:: Doug McLean Indigenous Live Movement
:: Kei Kurimoto PR and Connections
:: Waniya Locke as La Llorona and
:: Toni Cervantes, artist/photographer

A Mexican Crossing Lines – Caravan Clashes – Choques con la Caravana Migrante

Tonight on A Mexican Crossing Lines: More infiltrators from Standing Rock try to influence the Migrant Caravan in Tijuana.  In depth exposure of fake social justice as they stake claims to their next victims of circumstance and use ANTIFA strategies. In English and En español

:: Mohamed M. Elnakib
:: Rob Wilson Photography
:: Hecate Society
:: Alex Cohen Tornillo, TX
:: Walk Run, Mii ‘chi Gans, Jake Lee
:: Lillith Sinclair and Border Clash
:: Jesse Sandoval and Mark Lane (TYT)
:: Myron Dewey and Evan Duke