A Mexican Crossing Lines is exactly what it sounds like. Cindy Gomez-Schempp crosses lines, borders and ideas listeners may never have considered to cross themselves from her life experiences and perspective with her husband and technician behind the live stream, Duke Gomez-Schempp. Don’t be surprised when she crosses your lines of comfort, Duke will be right beside her.

Meet Cindy Gomez-Schempp

Station Manager at KPPP-LP Radio in Fargo Moorhead, Host of A Mexican Crossing Lines & Sabor Latino, co-founder and Vice President of the People’s Press Project, Grassroots Organizer, and Former Editor-in-Chief of the High Plains Reader, wife and mother. Cindy brings it all here at KPPP-LP with her mind-blowing dynamic and life experiences.

Meet Duke Gomez-Schempp

Operations Manager at KPPP-LP, President of the People’s Press Project, community grassroots organizer, Head Radio Technician, husband and father co-hosts with his wife Cindy offering his perspective as an ally to criticize supremacy in all its forms, all while working the technical aspects of Facebook livestreaming.

Current news and discussion that you will not hear on any other media platform in the F-M area. – Daily at 7 PM.

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A Mexican Crossing Lines – San Diego/Tijuana Report

Tonight on A Mexican Crossing Lines:
:: Report on San Diego ABS conference presentation
:: Francisco Lara-Valencia, Larry Gould, Dr. Emmanuel Brunet-Jailly
:: Keynote Nicole Ramos, Al Otro Lado with Dulce Garcia, Border Angels
:: Interview outside Enclave Caracol and Internet harassment by Nicole Ramos
::BSN/Al Otro Lado/Pueblos Sin Fronteras complain United Constitutional Patriots
:: Al Otro Lado Boston Review article
:: Wendy Fry San Diego Union Tribune and Task and Purpose article FBI investigates;:: FBI investigation of Ivan Ribling and Evan K Duke III

A Mexican Crossing Lines – Wiyaka Eagleman – AKA Wambli Wicasa

Tonight on A Mexican Crossing Lines:
:: Wiyaka Eagleman ties to Standing Rock
:: Wiyaka AKA Wambli Wicasa ties to Errol Medicine and,
:: Ties to Somi’ Sek Village Base Camp and Juan B. Mancias
:: Ties to Vanessa Dundon and Butterflies without Borders and,
:: Ties to Myron Dewey of Digital Smoke Signals
:: Birdie Gutierrez Bridges of Love Across Borders
:: LGBTQ Caravan and Pitaya Queeen, Anakay Flotte, OJ Pitaya
:: Ties to Mark Lane and Humanitarian Foundation